Pup in Red

During our work in the colony on Sunday, a couple of things really caught our attention. The first was a female who was tagged here as a pup way back in the early nineties: a nice example of natal site fidelity – females coming back to breed at the same site as they were born. The second was a young pup wearing a dashing red jacket for his weigh-in (pictured). Isn’t it nice when they dress up for the occasion!

After the rain yesterday, there was plenty of sunshine today whilst Sian and Paddy went up to Fianuis north to test the aerial survey ‘copter, and it was a balmy seventeen degrees in the hides!

Most importantly – on the food front we’re almost out of “fresh” meat, but a can of haggis (for “6-12 people”, apparently) went down nicely with some neeps and tatties last night after a day of hard work, and the gammon still tastes great once the mould has been removed…