Old Friends and Chocolate Cake

Sian did a photosurvey in the northern part of the island the other day and after comparing the patterns we found one of our oldest photo-ided seals, Rose, among those up north. This is a really good example of one of the girls I hadn’t seen for many years suddenly appearing again.
We were in the colony today again and James, Sian and Toby got to weigh some more older pups. They are aware now of the reality of the effort required- backs and legs are complaining!

The quality of food continues to impress – Sian has produced an unburnt choc cake which was fallen upon and devoured before it was barely out of the oven.

Wildlife passing by has included many geese with a few barnacles in amongst a flock of greylags. There has been surprising little else of note, apart from what looked like a dead whale floating on the surface a few miles off the south of the island yesterday. I’m sure the Joint Warrior exercise going on here has no connection to that at all.