The science is starting!

At last we’ve got started into this season’s science programme. We’re here to find out what’s happening at this breeding colony by looking at what our known females (some we’ve seen here since 1998) are doing. The North Rona colony has been in decline for some time now, our studies are suggesting that there are a number of reasons for this.

Already we’ve spotted at least 15 of the known girls using their unique coat patterns, and recorded a birth on video. Unfortunately we can’t download it because of bandwidth restrictions, but it will go up on the site eventually.


The team is settling into a working routine – not much enthusiasm for early starts……

We need to say a belated thank you to:

the Wild Orchid folks in Durness; John and especially Hugh at PDG (we appreciated it); Hamish, Roisin & Tara for their marvellous hospitality; drivers Lauren & Ross (what a team); Sean and family, and last but not least last year’s team for hiding/removing things which made for an exciting first few days- some anxious moments when the cooker couldn’t be found!


P, A, C & L.